was founded by several people with diverse experiences who wanted to fill the gaps in the services provided in the market today!

We have always been passionate about languages. We are curious globetrotters and passionate amateur travelers, always exploring new horizons. We wanted to “initiate” this new adventure by pooling each individual’s unique set of skills and values to ensure the best experience for our site’s visitors. Some of us focused on the web marketing and the focuses on human relations and finding new language experiences. We have become intermediaries between students, expatriates, and language lovers, with the aim of connecting you to the best schools and services and offering you the most personalized experience that you can create for yourself with the help of our website.

We are here to offer you a unique service so you can improve the way you learn a language –something that is so hard to find without help or advice, especially with dozens of language schools out there to choose from. Whether you have the urge to take private classes or you have professional goals that you need to fulfill, we are here to help you make the best choice!

Our Team Members

  • Sandy, creation, and conception of the project.
  • Edda, passionate about human relations and languages, your first point of contact and reference at MLB.
  • Christian, the marketing expert who knows all the numbers of the market, who analyzes potential strategies and amuses himself with business plans.
  • David, the technical guy who simplifies the complicated stuff and transforms technology into your friend.
  • Ana, strategic Internet marketing enthusiast, copywriter, storyteller and content creator and author

And let’s not forget our group of qualified partners, chosen according to your preferences and tastes:

The language schools carefully selected by the MLB team, the professional speech therapists, the specialized coaches, the exceptional concierge service providers, and the individuals involved in the cultural and recreational life.